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Pantheon in hydra

pantheon in hydra

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Pantheon in hydra

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An easy lane. She lacks any other method to escape you. Kalista is unbelievably squishy, but you better be careful of those little spears stacking up. They go through your passive! Thresh and Kalista make a scary combo who can easily save one another if one gets focused.

Lock him down before engaging, but be ready for his ultimate! Your burst is better than hers, so save your W for the second her ultimate ends so you can stun her before she has the chance to kite you. Lucian is kind of a strange ADC. Just lock him down with the help of your support and you should get fed really really fast. Pantheon is not one of those.

Just jump on her when she tries to use her ultimate and she is done for. Passive will not block the damage from Love Tap. If you see a Pantheon at bot, he probably read my guide. Can go either way depending on who is more skilled and who engages first. Her endless CC and her insufferable blind spell trouble. If you do manage to catch her, she can just vault off of you, possibly over a wall or her support.

She has powerful long range poke that hiding in minions will not help you avoid. She can avoid your all in combo with her spell shield, making her exceptionally hard to lock down. Her ultimate can serve as a powerful engage tool but also serves as a powerful escape tool.

Ask for a lot of ganks. Generally a pretty powerful ADC, but she crumbles against Pantheon. Tristana has very powerful escape but almost no CC to speak of. Poking her down works best. Auto attacks will stack explosive charge even if they are blocked. Your shield will not block explosive charge. Very RARE. A weird ADC, but generally a source of free kills for Pantheon. Boasts zero escape except for his ultimate but has good utility with his clickshot stun.

The second you see his cards start to cycle, try to get a stun off if you think you can reach him before the card cycles to yellow, as it will keep on cycling and he will miss his stun for a second or two, giving you time to burst him. If he tries to gate away, stun him. Twitch has almost no CC but good escape with his invisibility move.

The second you see him start to go invisible, stun him to make him cry. A pretty powerful pick against Pantheon. Various has no escape but very powerful poke and CC, making him incredibly hard to deal with if he gets a combo in on you. A good Vayne can shoot you away if you try to stun her.

The stun will always connect but you will be thrown back. One or two combos should be enough to finish her off. Punish her hard when she tries to farm. Poison stacks through passive, so be careful. Watch out for his headbutt and pulverize combo, it will leave you wide open for a lot of time. Mercury treads are powerful against this CC heavy champion. She has some good damage but no tankiness. She needs to stack her passive and it can drain her mana to do so, but be careful of eating a stun when you all in, as it can be the death of you.

This support is a joke against Pantheon. Watch out for his stun, if it hits a minion or a wall it will make you a pretty easy target. If this was a guide about someone like Soraya or Janna, we would be having a very different discussion. The answer is nothing. This is by far your easiest lane as you want to be close to your enemy so you can combo them down. This champion is powerful against Pantheon. He generally has trouble getting close enough to the opposing ADC to start laying down stacks of his stun, but with Pantheon in his face it is very easy for him to lock you down and kill you.

Do not engage unless you think you can lock down the ADC long enough to score a kill. A highly passive support whose greatest power is making her allies go slightly faster. Sure, her shield is irritating but it shields for about one auto attack before it goes away in the laning phase. She can save her champion with her ultimate but can be stunned while channeling it if you are fast enough. A CC powerhouse that is pretty hard to kill as well, Leeona is not someone you want to deal with after the very early game.

Apply serious pressure at your level 3 powerspike and try to pressure her and you might score a kill, setting her far enough behind to win you lane. Lulu brings a very large amount of utility to her ADC and later to her team. She can hard CC you, do a lot of damage to you, and make her ADC practically unkillable with her ult. Pressure her instead of her ADC to try to force her to ult herself.

This should make it a lot easier to take out her ADC. Man, is Lux annoying! She can peel hard for her ADC and has powerful zoning capabilities which are hard to dodge. Her combo can you if she catches you off guard. It will only hit the first two minions and the hotbox is slightly larger than the projectile, so be safe when dodging it.

Pretty durable and powerful champion, but he belongs at top. He brings no sustain to his ADC, and does next to zero damage early game. Go hard and score an easy kill, but be wary of his powerful all-in capabilities. Her black shield helps to inhibit your all in capability, although most Morganas will shield themselves if subjected to your Q.

Use this opening to all in without fear of having it not stun the ADC. This champion is incredibly tanky but falls pretty hard against Pantheon. Son is relatively common but also relatively weak against you. She can poke you pretty well and her ultimate makes for powerful CC, but when she gets stunned she will generally panic and try to save herself. Wait for your support to engage and then follow up with your combo. A good Soraka will position herself very well to avoid you or your support, but take any advantage you can to bash her if you think you can get off without too much damage.

The new reworked taric is a considerable challenge for you to fight. All ins are further discouraged by his damage immunity, but your combo is generally faster than the invulnerability onset of 2. Try to bait out his stun before going hard. Watch out for his sustain and max Q first to bite through it.

A relatively new support with terrifying zoning and catch potential, Trundle is not a particularly big deal for you. He can easily separate you and his ADC so try to bait out his pillar or wait for a jungler. He will have to choose one of you to pillar and the other will get free access to him.

Zilean will punish you whenever you try to farm with great ease. His ADC basically gets a second life and he can speed them away from trouble if you manage to get off a combo. Do not pick Pantheon onto this nightmare of a support unless you want to get zero farm and zoned out of lane very fast. An support whose damage must not be underestimated. Watch out for her ult. The newest ADC! Most Jhin players will save their last bullet to poke you down and then hopefully root you.

Your shield is excellent against this last bullet, rendering one of his major sources of earlyy game damage useless. Hide in minions to avoid the devastating 2 second stun. A utility mage support with surprisingly powerful damage that you should watch out for. Her shields are weak unless she uses Mantra to empower them. Her clickshot delayed CC makes engaging very dangerous for a melee champion, so you should be very cautious to fight her.

When her green tattoos are glowing, back off. The more damage she can land on you, the sooner she can use Mantra. Pretty easy to harass in the early game, becomes more obnoxious as time goes on. Her being low ranged means you have an easier time gapclosing. Her R negates your all in, and her E and W make it easy for her to kite you.

Gain an early lead or lose the game. If the Bard is good and lands stuns, it will be pretty easy to reliably get kills before 6. After, his R makes it even easier. Potential picks, but it is hard for him to shield a melee target in lane from autoattacks. You will be the one making plays in this lane.

She helps you survive the fights after that. Good into difficult lanes as well. This lane is made for Pantheon. Extra burst, lots of CC and good pick make getting kills easy and reliable. Point and click silence and slows and shields are all pretty good. Your W into lulu R is pretty good as an engage combo. Definitely a lane with potential. Good poke and shielidng power. Can get some picks off, but tends to KS you a lot.

Not a great lane. Black shield is great for letting you collapse, and brings lots of CC for engages or follow ups. Very strong lane. Can pick targets and heal you up, but autoing can feel clumsy. Definitely a decent lane and can work well if she lands her Qs. Has lots of CC and towerdiving potential. R is a death sentence, but can pick kills before that with his Q. Lots of kill pressure early. Can engage and provide follow up CC. Brutal lane. Can help you sustain better in the laning phase, but is not very durable.

Better for you to engage. Aegis Assault E E. Grand Starfall R R. Pantheon counters well. Pantheon gets countered. Table of Content. About Pantheon. Pantheon - The Unbreakable Spear. Pros and Cons. Skill Sequence. Divine Sunderer. The Collector. Blade of The Ruined King. Ravenous Hydra. About Items. Corrupting Potion. Blade of the Ruined King.

Spirit Visage. Black Cleaver. Chempunk Chainsword. Force of Nature. Silvermere Dawn. Edge of Night. Gargoyle Stoneplate. Maw of Malmortius. Here are some tips about how to and what to do while playing Pantheon : Shield Vault will be far more useful in any situation while being Mortal Will Empowered.

Try and bait them out of their turret range to kill them safely. Also one of the best things in this game is Target Champions Only. Make it togglable, and toggle it while fighting a Champion in a lane phase. Guardian Angel. MikaeraKun Pantheon Guide. Cast Your Vote Today! Join MFN. He is able to deal enormous damage to his opponents on the lane and thus destroying them, not giving them any change to escape whatsoever.

He is able to sustain any damage, thanks to his Aegis Assault which blocks all damage from one direction. Unlike most champions, Pantheon , unfortunately, falls behind in late game. He gainst full stacks upon starting the game, respawning and using his ultimate ability. Maximum stacks that he can have at once is 5. At 5 stacks, his next ability will be empowered , and stacks will be consumed. Thrusted damage is Not reduced against enemies hit beyond the first. It will consume all Mortal Will stacks upon recasting.

Shield Vault W : Pantheon can leap to the front of target enemy, dealing physical damage and stunning them for 1 second upon arrival. Each hit is affected by critical strike modifier. Aegis Assault E : Pantheon braces his shield in the target direction, channeling for 1. Aegis Assault cannot be interrupted by crowd control. It can be recast after 0. For the duration, Pantheon is invulnerable against all damage, except Turret damage as of At the end of duration, or when recasted earlier, Pantheon slams with his shield, dealing physical damage.

This used to be different. It used to increase duration from 1. Grand Starfall R : With newest patch, being Upon activating, Pantheon channels for 2 seconds, then leaps into the air, vanishing and becoming immune to crowd control , until he reappears.

While in the air, he channgels again for 2.

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