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Industry nine hydra

industry nine hydra

Industry Nine Hydra - WTB i35 Rear MTB Wheel - Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World's largest online bike store - Chain Reaction Cycles. Новая втулка Industry Nine Hydra Fatbike 12x объявление о продаже в Москве на Авито. Продам заднюю втулку Industry Nine Hydra Fatbike. Хотите купить Industry nine Hydra MTN Classic 6B Sram XD Передняя и задняя втулка? Дальнейших поисков не потребуется! bikeinn предлагает широкий выбор.

Industry nine hydra

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Any wheel that has been altered, improperly maintained or installed, or modified from its original build will not be eligible for this warranty. If you hit a tree at 30mph or come up short on a double while riding your road bike at the bike park and break a wheel - we have a great crash replacement program. Ride responsibly. Industry Nine believes in protecting our forests and is committed to sourcing reusable and recyclable packaging, trail adoption and supporting various trail access and cycling advocacy groups nationwide.

All Rights Reserved. Industry Nine is currently experiencing record demand and seeing increased lead times plus shipping delays. For the most up to date product lead times, please refer to our webstore checkout page. We appreciate your patience. Continue to cart. Pablo Huerta - Packaging. Specs Support Warranty. Log In Dealers Distributors. Warranty Support Return Policy. About i 9 FAQ. Jobs Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. USA: sales industrynine.

Handmade in Asheville, NC Ride responsibly. They accomplished that insanely quick points via a hardened steel tooth drive ring designed to work with six pawls that are phased in rotation so only three connect with the drivering at any given time. As mentioned, other companies have followed their lead, too. However, Industry Nine answered with Hydra, which took a monstrous leap to points of engagement, or 0.

This removes 2. The new Hydra drive system does this by using an independently phased six pawl, tooth drivering. I knew this review would be a long time coming because one of the big questions I had about the Hydra hub is reliability. The other unknown, which was answered much more quickly, was whether or not the faster hub engagement would make me a better rider.

Would having a nearly six times faster hub be the magic fairy dust that would allow me to clean tricky bits of trail easier than when I was using the already quick Torch hub? The answer was an emphatic not really. The first thing that hit home about the Hydra was that it simply felt better. The other noticeable difference from Torch hubs is the sound. I go through phases, loving it on singletrack trails and other times wishing for complete silence.

In any case, Industry Nine Hydra has a much higher pitched bzzzzzz, so instead of the metallic hornet hive sound of Torch, Hydra has a slightly more pleasant and quieter pitch. For the record, I had Industry Nine pack it with a little extra grease, which made it much quieter. Check out the video below-left comparing the two. The big question with any hub is how long it will last and what kind of bearing life should you expect.

While we had pretty good luck with Torch hubs, apparently not everyone did, and they certainly had their share of issues. Early bearing wear was a common problem, evidently. This more affected folks who ride hard and put down a lot of power. Durability was the pie in the sky. They addressed this with some pretty intense engineering.

Most pawled hubs operate via three or four spring-loaded pawls that engage with the drivering simultaneously. These pawls are positioned to distribute the load evenly around the drivering and apply force equally to rotate the freehub and wheel.

However, there are a lot of forces at play when a bike is climbing, cornering, and bouncing down the trail. These forces can play hell with freehub internals. With such hubs, including Torch, this meant that during moments of stress and flex, only one or two pawls might engage, causing an unevenly distributed load on the freehub body and bearings—particularly the drive side hub shell bearing on Torch.

The result is increased bearing wear and stunted bearing life. In simpler terms, that means that as the driver rotates, each of the six pawls engages clicks into a drivering notch independently, one at a time—the first pawl, then the second just a split-second later, followed by the third, etc.

This allows the drive design to employ the inherent flex of the axle to accomplish positive second, third, or fourth pawl contact, which ultimately avoids overstressing the bearings. In a nutshell, according to I9, accounting for flex improves bearing life. In short, the new configuration uses a smaller diameter axle with a larger bearing.

The 15mm axle is about 2mm smaller in diameter than the one on Torch, which was actually a less-is-more kind of situation. The 15mm axle now perfectly fits the thru-axle, making it a stiffer axle system overall. And it also allows for slightly beefier bearings. Hydra Hubs are available in tons of different configurations in 11 different anodized colors. You can also get them with center lock or 6-bolt disc configurations for single-speed and geared transmissions with HG, XD, or Micro Spline drivers.

For the rear, there are three different hub shell widths with end caps to work with a total of seven different axle standards.

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